Study Guide

It has been a while since I’ve had to sit down and pound some anatomy. Not since Biology 101 in college have I had to utilize my memorization skills for more than just digesting scripts.

Now that my Reformer class is over – I’m finding my superior administrative skills are kicking in to high gear. I have a lot of hours to log before the certification is complete and that means staying on top of my schedule.

On top of the logistics, I have a lot of anatomy to learn before the written exam. As a creative – anatomy is not something I’ve put a lot of focus on in the past. Having invested hours in studying, I can tell you that it’s mostly tedious but then there are ‘a-ha’ moments when all of a sudden you ‘get it’. In those moments I feel smart. I love acting because it makes me feel talented – but I have been enjoying the studying time for Pilates because I’m really digging the sensation of being in love with my mind’s capacity to learn new things.

When I can work from home, I get my work station set up with the following:

  • Wench mug with the lattes I told myself I would try to stop drinking.
  • Monthly calendar
  • Work books and manuals
  • Observation notebook
  • Past class lessons
  • As many different colored pens as possible because – color is fun.
  • Muscle flashcards
  • And the $1 Venmo note from Johnny I won in a game of Uno – reminds me I’m a winner.