Hound Howls


Having a hound usually means you can expect those full-throated howls. Whether she’s saying hello or yelling at a neighbor, it all sounds the same. I like to think of it as her talking to us.

We’ve recently discovered that if we howl with her when she’s all worked up she can’t help but howl with us. I picked up my phone the other night just to capture one of these moments.

We have some chewy dental dog treats that she loves way too much to be able to enjoy. When we give them to her, she usually spends a minute or two excitedly pawing at it. Once she builds up the nerve to grab it in her mouth she proceeds to run around all over the living room and kitchen looking for a sufficient hiding spot. Thing is, there is never a sufficient enough spot for her treasure and the agony of having something that’s too good that you can’t hide it away throws her into a fit of misery howling. It’s the cutest damn thing. Enjoy.

Dog Watching TV – The Quintessential Cute Internet Video



I can get lost in cute internet videos for an unhealthy amount of time. Some may think that watching cute animals videos on the internet – or soldier homecomings, or pregnancy announcements, or deaf people hearing for the first time – is a huge waste of time. I think it’s an important and necessary part of your daily self-care. There is nothing better for the body and soul than a good, healthy cry or laugh. It keeps me in touch with my humanity. I’m nostalgic for the days of Bob Saget’s America’s Funniest Home Videos. Todays internet is where the best home videos are – random moments of genuine human interaction. There is something about watching Sammich look at the television and think it’s a window that softens me. It brings me back down to earth. Something about the way she desperately wants in on the action that fills my heart up. Life is fullest in these small moments.

What to Know

This song should have been the National Anthem.

Ice Ice Baby


There are few things I can get this excited about so when I see Sammich lose her mind over a simple piece of ice it makes me a little jealous.

The way the anticipation builds every time she hears the ice bucket.

Snatching a piece of ice and running with it only as far as she can stand before the chill is too much for her jowls.

The slippery play, back-and-forth, as she and the ice skate across the hardwood floors.

The way she feels dared by the ice to grab it and hold on for as long as possible.

The way she throws her ears around in a happy neurotic fit.

The way she lights up at the thought of getting to play with this slippery lil’ thing.

Ice, ice for my baby.



Sammich in the garden.

Sammich in the garden.

Her name is Sammich and she came to us last May.

Baby girl.

Sammie & Me

Sammie & Me

She was the littlest potato I’d ever seen. Wobbling around in her little seven week old body – fearlessly strutting around her new found territory. She has always been a huge fan of naps. As a baby, she would snuggle up tight and tuck her pink nose under your sleeve, but she would move the moment you touched her – stripper rules.

Sammich cuddling with her Tia.

img_0219 img_2194 img_3756 img_5946

Fortunately, we have showered her with affection – whether she wanted it or not – 24-7. I don’t know if we soften her or if she’s just getting sweeter as she gets older – but she melts my heart on the reg.

She is a lemon beagle and like any good hound is a BIG howler. I like to think of it as her exercising her right to express herself – be it barking at the neighbors, their dogs, the FedEx guy, her reflection in the skylight, or the gigantic exercise ball.

Sammich's best friends

She loves playing outside and can’t see a dog on TV without barking at it. Her favorite thing in the world, though, is a spontaneous play sesh with her best friends. We got Sammich at the same time some of our close pals were adding pooches to their own families. We get to raise them together and watching them play is one of the funniest things in the universe. Taco nights are WAY better with dogs!

Daddies girl. This is the look of love. Tahoe girl

She’s definitely a handful – the best worst dog in the world. She’s loving, and fierce, and funny, and my little girl. Excited for all the adventures to come.

What to know:

Our pets take care of us as much as we take care of them. #adoptdontshop East Bay SPCA.

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