Vegas Valentine


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I never thought I’d meet a boy and fall in love in Las Vegas. Don’t get me wrong – there’s a lot to love about Vegas – the hotels, endless shopping, and some of the best bars anywhere. Obviously. Until 2014, Vegas had always been a fling. A surface love affair. I didn’t know I had so much falling in love to do here.

Ben was, in so many words, ‘stationed’ there with the band. I was living in New York City at the time and we were doing the whole ‘long distance’ thing. It was hard, so when I came to Vegas to visit him for the first time, he really wanted me to fall in love with it – so I’d want to come back.


Photo credit – Pixabay

The first thing we did was drive out to Red Rock Canyon. I always thought of Vegas as the middle of the desert, and it is, but it’s surrounded by the most beautiful border of red mountains. It looks like towering stacks of deep red, Georgia clay molded into a beautiful desert mountain-scape.


Later on, we headed to Makers and Finders Coffee Bar. I’m a sucker for a good coffee shop. This place is off the strip and makes a badass lavender latte. I come back here every time I’m in town to write and catch up with friends.

Across the street is Retro Vegas, a mid century modern vintage furniture, art, and decor store. We spent an hour just walking through this place looking at all the furniture – from beautiful and rare to gawky and insane.


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If you’re really trying to impress someone – spend the day at the Cosmopolitan. We spent the day getting the best couples massage either of us has ever had. After it was over, we had free reign of the room – complete with steam room, claw foot tub, and lounge. We headed over to the pool to catch those desert rays before heading back to our room to get ready for dinner. You’ve definitely got to stop by The Chandelier bar for pre-dinner drinks.


When I come to visit now, I spend as much time by the pool as I can while he’s in the studio. The best part of any hot Vegas day is the Taiwanese ice cream from Snowflake Shavery. I’m obsessed with ice cream and this stuff is at the top of my list!


Photo credit – Pixabay

Vegas is a bright and vibrant place to visit and a really romantic place to spend time with your person…whoever they may be.

What to Know

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In Memoriam – Joe Razo

Artist - Marco Razo

Artist – Marco Razo

You probably don’t know this but when you left, your father painted a portrait of you and gave it to me.

Months after you were gone, I got a 5×8 manila envelope in the mail. The blandness of it, the everyday feeling of it, made it feel personal somehow. The hand written address. The special occasion postage stamps. Marco really wanted me to have it. I love the way he loved you. 

The blue and orange watercolors seep into images that run through the intentional lines of his pen. It reminds me of your profile. The short hair you kept, a carefully constructed bird’s nest of ink strokes. The length of your profile – that long neck always looking slightly higher as if you could see the nearness of the future.

The fullness of your top lip. Plump and smirking, bringing to life your childlike playfulness.

Your eyes always full. Gushing with infinite curiosity.

Your sweater, a loud orange bursting to life off the page. Just as you burst to life. A lasting impression. Still viscerally felt. Still present on the page.

Just thought you’d like to know.

We are all more alive because you were.