Hard Nights, Better Mornings

I have posted a lot about mornings lately which is unusual because my whole life I have been incapable of operating in the early hours of the day. Getting up to go to a 9-5, or early call time, often involved a set routine whereupon I could zone out and just go.

Ever since moving in with a morning person and adopting a puppy, I have found myself awake (whether I like it or not) with the sun. Recently, our little Sammich has been sick with a full-blown puppy cold. She has been coughing and wheezing and while the vet assures us she just needs to relax and sleep and let it pass, it’s been hard hearing her up at night coughing. The other night was especially hard and none of the household got any sleep. We were all up before the sun, and after a little puppy breakfast (and coffee for this human) everyone was starting to feel better.

Sometimes it takes a rough night to be able to wake up and meet the morning with gratitude.

Our tummies are sympathizing with Sammich so we kept it light – d’Affinois cheese on sesame toast, avocado, hard-boiled egg.

She’s been having to work for full naps since coughing fits keep waking her up. I caught a moment of rest for this little one – some morning routines (like puppy naps) never change.

What to know

Any time we have a pet emergency after our normal vet has closed, we always head to PETS Referral Center in Berkeley, California. They have a top-notch staff that treats every dog with love and kindness.

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