Estate Sale Shopping in Oakland

SALE Estate Sale

There’s nothing I love more than a bargain. It’s in my blood. Growing up, my cousins and I would load into minivans at the family reunion and head off to all the garage sales, thrift stores, and antique shops we could find. The goal was to nab the most unique treasure and to have never paid full price. With this in mind, I was excited when we stumbled upon this estate sale in the Warehouse District in Oakland – Something to Sell About.

Oakland's Warehouse District Something To Sell About

As we start construction on our home, we’re keeping our eyes peeled for pieces to start decorating the new space. Most of the time, I don’t find anything but I’m always fascinated to see the items people decorated their homes with. I wonder about the stories behind some of them…especially the creepy dolls and that weird, stone cat.

Sale on sales

This place had sales on top of sales on top of sales. Huge pieces of Victorian furniture acted as walls for tiny nooks filled with knick-knacks. I love a good rocking chair, but I didn’t find the one today. img_2611

Need a spear? Sure you do. You didn’t know you did, but you you did. Of all the things to uncover in this place, a spear? These are the kind of things that make me wonder about the original owner. Who? And, why?

Creepy Stone Cat

Since we’re asking the hard-hitting questions here…what’s up with this stone cat? It looks like it’s staring directly at you no matter where you’re standing. Also – this lone doll wearing an over-sized communion dress sitting in the foreground of yet another creepy painting of a little girl. Imagine walking into this room at night…

Creepy doll Lamps

Lamps and a pushy salesman. Hey, some people like that, but I’m just here to look. I’m here to look at things like this random Hoosier Want List. My dad is a native of Indiana so finding a Hoosier Want List from 1908 felt like fate. I left it there, but the list is interesting.

Hoosier Wish List

This is no ordinary piano – it’s a Melodian. It’s a type of pump organ which means you have to be constantly peddling it to make it play. Ben attempted to break it down on this bad boy, but one of the keys was stuck so we moved on.


We didn’t go home with anything but that doesn’t mean we didn’t find some treasures.

What to know

Something to Sell About is located near Jack London Square in Oakland, California. They open up their warehouse once or twice a month to let shoppers take a look. Check it out next time you’re in town. You never know what you’ll find.

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