The Night Draws Near

Porch sunset

It’s almost the end.

The safety of the day has begun to move towards its resting place.

The sun’s beams retract, allowing shadows to seep back in.

The last breath of color more saturated than before; the deepest orange and yellow the sun has to offer.

The air begins to cool as the street lights go on.

Artificial light now dominating the landscape.

A society too afraid of the dark to ever let it truly be black.

An energy starts to bounce through the air as the darkness infuses new life into the world.

Sounds from the streets are heard only through the opening and closing of the door.

Secure and comfortable, life existing amongst the safety of four walls.

Wild and vulnerable, new stories being written in the danger of the dark.

The blinds closed like the eye lids of the dreamer; shutting down until the light returns.

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