Sammich the Spoiled Beagle


I caught Sammich looking out at the world with wonder in her eyes. I love these photos. The way she finds her light in the sun. The seeking curiosity as she leans closer to the window. The flop of those big, droopy ears. Her balance and coordination surprise me daily. She’s always getting in to (or on to) something – that is the beagle way after all.

Sammich in the sun

Look at that face – I mean, seriously. That face gets her out of most the trouble she causes, especially with her dad. She is definitely a daddy’s girl. For good reason – he spoils her rotten. This morning she had to wait a little longer for breakfast because Ben needed to make her a puppy sweet potato souffle. He insists it’s why her coat is so soft and silky. She just knows it’s better when it’s cold.


What to know

Ben’s Kitchen recipe – Puppy Sweet Potato Souffle
2 lbs sweet potatoes (peeled & cut up)
Coconut oil (generous 1/4 cup)
4 tablespoon tumeric
2 tablespoons black pepper

Steam the potatoes for about 20 minutes until the thickest pieces are fork tender. Mash the potatoes and mix everything in with a fork. Add this as a supplement to your dog’s regular meal. Voila!

The coconut oil is good for her coat and skin and is a good source of quick energy from the fat. (If your dog has a weight problem, you may want to skip the coconut oil.)  The sweet potatoes are loaded with fiber and vitamin B6, vitamin C, and manganese. The turmeric is anti-imflammatory – especially good for dogs with stiff joints.  The black pepper is good for her digestive system.

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