Makeup Session


Like most people, I received some gift cards for the holidays and then completely forgot about them. Especially this year because my ‘gift card’ came as a download to my Apple Wallet. Earlier this week, I decided it was finally time to cash in. I headed down to Sephora and I’m so excited to start playing with all this new makeup! Here’s what I got:


I realized recently that just about everything on my vanity that I’m obsessed with is Urban Decay. I knew I wanted a spray for setting my makeup – just about every makeup artist will tell you this. They always spray my face after making me up on sets, and it lasts for those long, 15 hour shoot days. I wanted that for my everyday life, so I snagged a bottle of Urban Decay’s All Nighter. It’s oil free and paraben free which is perfect for my sensitive skin.


My obsession with Urban Decay started with their Naked line of eye shadows. They have color palettes for every skin tone and every occasion – from a natural, day-time shadow palette to a smokey, sexy, statement palette. My porcelain skin appreciates these neutral tones. The shimmer and matte shades let me switch up my look on the reg. img_4787

One of the best, and most dangerous, sections of Sephora is the check-out line. The queue is surrounded by sample size products and gift packs. It’s so hard not to add a few more things to your basket while you wait. I wanted some dry shampoo, but found myself overwhelmed and under-informed about their wide selection. While waiting in line, I saw this sample size of one of the products I had been looking at and decided to throw it in my basket to try. It’ll be the perfect addition to my gym bag!


Um, hello bright pink. I’m so fucking in love with you! I spent a good hour walking around Sephora coloring my hand with lines of different lipstick colors. I wanted to get something new, but figured I’d probably leave with a safe, natural lip color. Not this day. This day, this bright pink lipstick came into my life and it was never the same. The color is Savage from (who else) Urban Decay and it’s inspiration to turn the classic red lip into a fun pink lip for summer.

What to know

Online or in person, Sephora is a beauty play land! I found some of their how-to tutorials helpful.
The Urban Decay Naked 3 shadow palette will last me forever.
The UD Vice lipstick in Savage shade.
Makeup setting spray, All Nighter by UD.
Living Proof dry shampoo is the perfect addition to your gym bag.



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