Girl Scout Cookies


“I’ll take two of each box.”

“Wow, girls! Did you hear that? TWO boxes!”

And so the scramble began. I have never felt like such a big shot. It was the biggest order of the day and the girls were so stoked to be selling me a whole $40 worth of sugar. I was getting two of everything, but, honestly, when it comes to girl scout cookies I could’ve easily eaten my way through everything they had.

This is one of my favorite times of the year and it always sneaks up on me. I wasn’t expecting to buy girl scout cookies when I headed over to the market for some produce. It was a few days before Valentines Day, and when I saw the cookie stand it was like the stars were aligned. My Valentine likes girl scout cookies even more than I do, so I decided I should get enough boxes for him to share with me.

We are almost done ravaging the first Tagalong box…taking bets on how much longer it’ll take for us to finish the rest!

What to Know

The Girl Scouts are selling cookies online this year! Head over to their website to make sure you’re buying online from a legit Girl Scout.

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