Twenty seventeen is the year of the body! Ever since taking off with Ben and the band for the Smoke + Mirrors Tour, I have been in the habit of working out on a regular basis. The guys brought their trainer on tour and working out became an obvious way to kill the time.

We got our asses kicked on a regular basis during these circuit training workouts. I continue circuit training in Oakland, but I’ve found that my body needs something to stretch and realign itself in between. Pilates has become the perfect supplement to my regular workout.

Currently in training, it’s been amazing to see the difference in the way my body feels after a Pilates workout. There’s so much concentration on stability and strength – mainly a stable shoulder girdle, abdomen, pelvis, and spine. While I study for my certification, I am putting in practice hours to help me go over all the reformer exercises. These are some time-lapse videos of my workout today.

My muscles and joints feel strong and stable and I can feel it as I go about the rest of my day. I’m so excited to start taking on clients!

What to Know

Shout out to my personal trainer, Alison Rossler Campbell, at TruveFit for the beautiful space – how beautiful is this gym?!

My favorite Bay Area pilates spot is Blue Sparrow Pilates – two locations San Fran & Oakland.

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