I haven’t always been a fruit and vegetable kinda girl, but you can’t meet a NorCal boy and not get into his morning routine every now and then. Ben is one of those people who needs a smoothie each morning in order to feel ok. Each morning, consistently and without fail, he begins the day by meticulously preparing the ingredients for his nutrient full smoothie.

My favorite part of his smoothies are how amazingly delicious they are. I wouldn’t think cabbage and dates would be palatable to me, but in this combination it’s magic. I actually consume all the nutrients my body needs without complaining about the taste.

Here’s how he does it:


Add some peeled citrus fruit to about 18 ounces of water.

Core and section a green apple and chop up some cabbage (green or red, whatever looks good.)


De-pit a few dates. I don’t normally eat dates, but they add a silky, sweetness to the flavor of the smoothie.

Add some frozen berries to add that tart, sweet flavor.


Secret ingredient? Coconut Oil.



Put it all together in the blender and hit ‘Start’.

Grab some mason jars and fill up some glasses. It’s got most of the nutrients your body will need for the whole day. You’re off to a great start!

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