The world is all around you, but all you see is your reflection. Somehow it’s all happening to you and nothing happens for you. You, you, you. Them, them, them. Over there. Not here. Why don’t they get it?

No one gets it. You shouldn’t have to talk about it. Everyone knows what you know, right? Even if you tried, they’d never get it.


The world is harsh and you have to hold your own. Protect yourself atop the moral high ground. Your morals. Not theirs. Yours are better.


Unforgiving. That’s what they are. Why should you extend forgiveness? If they’re wrong, what’s the point in forgiving?


Everyone around you agrees with you. Thank God. The nuts over there don’t make much noise over here. You’re so loud, you can’t hear them anyway. Better this way.


Then why does it feel so bad?

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