Blue Door


I always have the end in mind.

That blue door out a ways in the distance.

Fisher Price blue. True blue. Blue blue.

Carved wood texture. Paint so rich in color it pops.

You can see it from where ever you are.

Close enough to always be seen, but just far enough away that you can’t be sure of it’s details. What it really looks like. What it really is.

Just that it’s there. Always present.

The uncertainty of what it is and where it leads always clouding present experiences.

Who am I talking to now? What are they saying?

The door. That blue door.

Curved brass handle, like someone practicing cursive.

Or so it seems from here.

A brass latch just beneath the top of the curve. One press of the index finger would do it.

Would tip the seesaw and unlatch the barrier between here and there.

But I’m not close enough yet.

It’s still elusive. Too far away to understand what it is and where it leads.

The curiosity of it too overwhelming sometimes.

What to know

Art project! Submissions welcome! I’ve never actually seen the door that I wrote about If anyone out there has an artistic rendering of the Blue Door they’d like to submit – send it to me by way of and I may feature it here.

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