Bubbles By The Bay


It’s supposed to rain in Northern California for the next week and you can feel it in the air. Our drought-plagued part of the world really needs this rain, but there’s something so deflating and drowsy about days and days of rain. Yesterday was our calm before the storm – the last real day of sunshine for the next week.

But, when USPS sends new Champagne flutes you make a night out of it! Plus, who doesn’t love a good un-boxing?

img_2726 img_6851

Our household has been obsessed with bubbly rose for the last seven months. Part of the joy of grocery shopping is stopping by the wine shop and perusing the extensive collection. We searched high and low for the perfect wine flutes and we’re STOKED with these new Waterford Champagne flutes. The design is clean, geometric, and the way the bubbles move in the glass is mesmerizing.

We stepped out on the porch to enjoy our new flutes and the view of the Bay Area transitioning from day to night.


As the sun snuck behind the horizon, we watched as the tiny, flickering lights began turning on in unison  – like stars dotting the landscape. Their brightness constantly moving, like the bubbles in our glass – dancing and illuminating life.

What to know

These Waterford Champagne Trumpet Flutes are a great bang for your buck.

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