Advice on Puppyhood


You’re new here. There’s a lot you’re gonna need to know. Good thing is, you’ve got the best people around. Remember, they chose you. They had the pick of the litter, and you’re the one they came home with. Rest assured that you’re gonna make mistakes, but that’s what happens when you’re a puppy. Don’t take anything too seriously, and know that mistakes happen so that you can learn from them. I’m here to help you with the in and outs of Puppyhood.



Puppy hygiene is something you’ve probably never thought of. It’s not enough to just romp in the rain, or get your face wet when you’re drinking out of a big dog bowl of water. No, your people expect a certainly level of cleanliness from you. Now, this is not in your nature, so you’ll probably find a lot of what they do unpleasant. The thing to remember is that change is good, and once you’re dry being clean is THE BEST. The grown ups are gonna wanna cuddle with you and they’ll even think about letting you sleep on the bed now.



Here’s the hard part; pedicures. No, this doesn’t mean you’ll get pet over and over again like you dreamed during nap time today. Pedicures are freaky. Your puppy nails are almost as sharp as your puppy teeth and they’ll keep growing if you let ’em. Problem is, hardwood floors are gonna be impossible. The only option you have is to accept any and all treats while your person starts clipping away. It’s a weird sensation…like the crack of a small bone but without the pain. Who can stay still during all that? You! Because you must. If you move, there will be a lot of blood and even though you’ll be ok, it’ll freak your people out and they’ll take you to the puppy doc.


Remember, your people are here to help you succeed. Be still when they ask and kiss their face any time you see the opportunity.


What to Know

Sammich the Beagle is the best, worst dog on the planet. She makes a lot of mistakes and learns a lot of lessons.

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