East Bay SPCA

“We couldn’t do it without our volunteers. The amount of hours our volunteers put in each year equal that of eighteen full time employees. So, we’re really glad you’re here.” Our volunteer coordinator, Laila, seemed as excited to have us as we were to be there. After beginning our search for the perfect pooch for our family we wanted to find a way to use our time to help all those animals we were coming across that we couldn’t adopt. We contacted our local SPCA and said, “Let us walk dogs and tell everyone we know about them!” After what equated to a ‘hell yeah, come on down’, we pulled up to the East Bay SPCA facility to start our volunteer training.

“Ok, so we’ve talked about about physical characteristics that help us identify the dog’s behavior. Relaxed ears and mouth with a wagging tail would indicate a happy pup, while side-eye and tucked tail would indicate a more fearful animal. So, let’s test you. Mary, what do you see in this picture?”

“Oh, well, that dog is all like ‘What up, babe! Let me lean on you. Wanna play?’ and the other one is all like, “Ew, get this disgusting piece of trash off of me. ”


Ben chimes in with, “I see alert ears and ‘whale-eye’ (i.e. side-eye) so I would say that dog is uncomfortable.” Laila looks to me, and then Ben and says, “Yes”.

Okay, so maybe I personify dogs. Maybe I see dogs as more aware, cute, little human babies. Whatever it is, I’ve never met a dog I didn’t immediately fall in love with and whose cheeks I wanted to squeeze. Volunteering at the SPCA to walk and play with dogs (or sometimes just spend time in the kennel with the more fearful ones) is one of the most uplifting parts of my week. There are too many funny personalities that I get to hang out with every week to not give shout outs and spread the word to all of you out there looking to fall in love with a special pooch. I’m just here to let you know about a few of my favorites. Today, I have a special guy to tell you about.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce you to….*drumroll*….



Ugh, first of all, be still my heart. This is the happiest little man on the planet. I guarantee there is nothing you could do to ruin his mood. This chihuahua mutt is a little ball of energy who loves taking a break from running around the yard to come over and jump in your lap and beg for a belly rub. Last week, some one put a Santa harness on him and my heart almost jumped out of my body.

What To Know:

Check out which dogs are still available for adoption at the East Bay SPCA.

Head over to the Oakland or Dublin locations to meet some cuties.

Want to volunteer? There are many ways to help! Check it out here.

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