The Making of a Sketch – My Magnum Opus

I did a thing you and I didn’t know I could do! I’ve been acting since I was thirteen years old, but it has always been someone else’s writing. Someone else’s vision. Someone else’s. I never had any ownership, other than over my own performance, for any of the acting work I’ve done outside of a college or studio program.Whenever I auditioned as an actor for something, it was usually some demeaning caricature of what Hollywood thinks a woman is: the Madonna or the Whore. I started to lose my desire to fight hard for these parts that I was embarrassed to play.

When I moved to New York City and started studying at UCB and the William Esper Studio, my life was full of meaningful and wonderfully meaningless storytelling.  In New York, I was surrounded by talented, funny people who all embraced the power in creating their own work. I saw UCB comedians creating live and viral sketches. I saw Meisner-trained actors improvise honest and powerful scenes. These weren’t just professional endeavors, these were people so turned on by finding their own voices and creative expressions that they took the power back and made something that made them laugh or, sometimes, bawl like a baby.

A couple of months ago, I found myself ranting at a long-time friend, and talented comedienne, about my frustrations with Siri. I told her I thought Siri was sexist. If my boyfriend and I were in the same room and asked Siri the same question, Siri would say to me, “Here’s what I found on the internet.” To my boyfriend, she would say, “Here’s what I found! Where are you going? Hot date?” Every time Siri got passive aggressive with me and not my boyfriend, it would raise my blood pressure. This rant turned into a series of bits and by the time we finished talking, I knew I had to write the whole thing down.

As fate would have it, the San Francisco Sketch Comedy Festival was underway and my friends, BriTANick, were in town. As they paced about the house writing their own sketch show, I asked my friend to give me some advice about the sketch I just wrote. The best part about comedy friends is their ability to take an idea and run with it, inserting their own jokes or recommending a different way to look at something. After a few back and forths, I looked at my computer and realized I had a weird and funny little sketch.

In LA, a friend of mine from the William Esper Studio began working at Buzzfeed making his own videos. I knew he had to meet quotas for these, and he always told me that if I wrote something, he would help me make it. Welp, one trip to LA later and this weird, wonderful little brain-child of mine is here. Thanks to everyone who helped me bounce ideas and jokes off of them, to those who helped me make it, and to those who are watching it and sharing it and laughing. Feels oh so good.

Check It Out

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