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“Do you think it’s gonna be a leg day?” Ben was worried that his already sore muscles might take another beating. He wasn’t wrong. Every time we walk into Truve for a workout with the owner, Alison Roessler, we walk out exhausted and in need of a long, hot bath. That’s exactly what a workout should be.

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Shortly after moving to Oakland, we knew we needed a regular and vigorous workout routine to keep our bodies healthy given the rigors of a nearly year-long tour schedule. Imagine Dragons toured with a personal trainer so we were used to getting our butts kicked on a regular basis. We were able to establish a regular fitness routine and though we felt sore and exhausted at the end of it, our minds and bodies felt strong and ready to take on endless bus rides, flights and arena shows. Now, it was time to find a home-base for fitness.

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The Bay Area is known for having an active population. The weather is just too perfect for people to stay indoors. So, when we began our Google search for a trainer, we were inundated with a ton of options. Alison stood out to us because she was an athlete. She suffered a serious injury in college and her athletic training helped her to recover from her injury. From that point on, she started training other athletes through their injuries, older clients looking to strengthen their bodies to avoid injuries, and men and women looking to meet fitness goals.

“She didn’t look like some big, muscly guy that was going to injure me” Ben said.

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We never know what kind of training session Alison has planned for us. Each one is a different series of exercises meant to work arms, legs, abs and cardio before the hour is over. True to her motto, she keeps us #hellafit. We often work out in the big, open room that makes up a majority of the gym. Lining the wall of mirrors are weights, ropes, tires, bands, exercise balls, mats, and other fitness machines. The opposite wall splinters off into a TRX/yoga room, a stationary bike room, and a pilates reformer room.  Sometimes, she takes her clients outside to pull tires, run stairs, and otherwise take advantage of those sunny Oakland days.

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We often train during the middle of the day when Truve is buzzing with clients taking advantage of a group class, wellness service, or cleaning up in a fully stocked locker-room. Memberships at Truve include unlimited access to classes in TRX, 30-20-10 circuits, Capoeira, Pilates Reformer, Yoga, Spin Core, Boxing Conditioning, Sculpting, Strength Training, and more. You also have access (whether you have a membership or not) to a full range of wellness services including facials, acupuncture, deep tissue and shiatsu massages, and spray tans. You can easily workout, get a massage, shower and pamper yourself before heading out to explore the rest of your day. Truve keeps us #hellafit and we are #hellagrateful.

Try It Out

Truve – 2345 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612  (510) 788-8909

Website – Check out class schedules and professional services at

Deals – You can get up to 50% off your first year membership : for each friend you refer (up to 5 people) you get 10% off your own membership.

Trainer Extraordinaire – Alison Roessler is the best and I mean it! Try out some of her workouts.



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